Skulls and leather artwork, is created with pen
and ink using Rapidograph koh - I - noor
technical pens. The technique  I use is stippling,
this is a series of dots to render shading and
details. This is time consuming artwork, with
some pieces taking up to 80 hours.
Artwork can be of anything from portraits of your
pets, people, wildlife, or themes, your ideas or
Artwork can be created on cow, longhorn, or
buffalo skulls, or on leather in sizes from 10 to 20
inches in diameter.
Cow skull with Freedom theme
Some of the artwork on this page for demonstration purposes only and not for sale
Skulls and leather
wall plaques
Longhorn skull, eagle and wolf, American Flag and eagle feathers art.
Buffalo skull Texas flag, Bald eagle,
and eagle feathers art
Skulls are available at Stockyard
Station Gallery, located in the
stockyards national historic
district, Fort Worth Texas.
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