Native American war bonnets or headdresses were worn by only the Chiefs and high ranking members
of the tribe, not all tribes wore the feathered bonnets, they were most common in the western plains
The tail feathers of the golden eagle were used to construct the headdresses, the most common, as
seen in movies, is the first year golden eagle tail feather that has a black tip.
The headdresses I create are from hand painted feathers to mimic the eagle feathers at various ages,
I also use wild turkey feathers.
Great care is taken to be as historically accurate as possible, in the construction of each headdress.
I use rattle snake skin for the brow band, beaded brow bands and temple pieces can be used if
Allow three to four weeks for delivery as each bonnet is constructed to order.
 I also make stands and wall mounts to display headdresses.

Below are some samples of my work.
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