The most important part of taking a photo of your subject is lighting.
The best light is outside natural light. Avoid the cameras flash as it
washes out coloring and creates harsh shadows. Please
direct sunlight
on your subject as it greatly alters markings and
coloring that are very important in capturing likeness. Some pictures
taken inside with flash lighting I will approve as long as red eye is not
Try and capture your pets unique personality in your photos.
taking photos from above
your pet unless that is the position you
want in your portrait.
Take pictures at your pets level,sit on the
floor or grass or put them on a table or chair. Have plenty of
treats on
hand and if possible a friend to distract your pet.
Take several
try to fill the frame with your pet. Make sure you do not cut
off parts of your pet in the picture. If you have  more than one pet you
want in your portrait try and take the photo with all the pets together if
this is not possible
I can create a portrait from several photos.I
do require
close-up pictures of the face and eyes to capture color
and likeness.                                                                      
This is the photo of Harley I used to
create his portrait. The photo was
taken by his owner with a digital
camera. Notice the detail and
clarity of the photo. This is my
favorite pose for a head study.
This is Maxine my cat. I took
several pictures this day and chose
this one because it captures her
fearless personality.
Tips on taking photos
Professional photos are an option but with a little planing  and
patience you can take the  photos yourself and achieve good results.
Photos do not have to be large, I prefer 4x6 inches but sizes smaller
and up to 8x10 inches will be accepted.
Digital and 35mm photos
are the best to work with. All photos must be in focus, clear and
A highly detailed photo will result in a beautiful realistic
Remember the portrait quality directly reflects the
quality of your photos.
Photos on this page are examples of what I used to create the
portraits of Maxine and Harley. These two completed portraits can
be viewed in the gallery.